Masseur Eric Dikkersun thought he was prepared for his extra stressed client Lita. Little does he know, she has her own plan in store for their massage session today. Becoming quickly frustrated with Eric’s appropriate approach, she cranks it up a notch. Removing the sheet from her beautiful curvy body, she starts to slide his hands toward her dripping pussy. He starts to protest, saying he can get in trouble. But Lita says she doesn’t care, and she can keep a secret…that’s all the encouragement he needs to slide his fingers into her awaiting hole. Still playing coy, Lita realizes she is going to have to take the reigns. The bossy beauty instructs him to fuck her properly, and the two engage in a sweaty hardcore fuck until he creams all over her gorgeous snatch and ass! You won’t want to miss this less sensual full body massage therapy session.

Format: MP4
Length: 20:08
Starring: Eric Dikkersun, Lita Lecherous





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