Pretty Pierce Paris is Strap-On Fucked by Two Dommes



Mistress Lily and Mistress Lita are in for a real treat today, as they’re presented with none other than the gorgeous power bottom Pierce Paris as their toy. Securing him to the cross, they break him in with some light CBT – donning clamps and clothespins he is given a flogging on his bits while Mistress Lily gives him occasional tease with her vibrator. They’ve heard so much about Pierce’s slutty side – and they can’t wait to get a piece of his ass. Warming him up with some spankings and ball slaps, Pierce quickly starts to get a massive hard on. Mistress Lily takes notice of this and slides her dildo in to test the waters and stretch out his hole, and he swallows it right up. This just ramps up the dynamic duo even more, and they each take their turns with his holes – Mistress Lita stuffs his ass with a HUGE Bad Dragon dick. In an attempt to impress her, Pierce shoves his balls into his asshole while she continues to peg him. All the while slurping away at Mistress Lily’s cock…before she gets a fun idea. Mistress Lily stuffs Pierce’s ass with her whole fist, all the while he gasps for air under Mistress Lita’s panty covered ass. After making him a little meat puppet, Mistress Lily fucks Pierce and the two take turns jerking him off while Mistress Lita alternates between shoving her cock in his mouth and smothering his pretty face. Giggling with delight, they use his holes and stroke him until he squirts all over his stomach.

Format: MP4
Length: 41:00
Starring: Pierce Paris, Lily Lovecraft, Lita Lecherous





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