Gay Boyfriend Part 1: Pegged


Mistress Veronica and Mistress Lita have fun using this slutty gay boy’s tight asshole!

Format: MP4
Length: 16:36
Starring: Veronica Vixen, Rick Fantana, Lita Lecherous


After finding gay porn on his browsing history, Rick Fantana’s girlfriend sends him to visit two experts on cock sucking gay boys. The beefy himbo denies it at first, but after he is stripped and put in panties – his cock loving thoughts start to take over! Each of the Mistresses takes turns pegging him; fucking him up with fumes until he finally loosens up to take both of their strap-on cocks in a filthy spit roast! He loves every second of the humiliation and degradation, which just makes his boy loving cock even harder.




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