A messy birthday party for Mistress Lita, and Chelsea is her play thing covered in cake and cum.

Mistress Lita is throwing a special celebration for her new bimbofied Chelsea Poe. She primps and preps Chelsea for her new life as a perfect slut for Mistress to whore out. After Chelsea is done up nice and pretty for Mistress, she puts her new bimbo to the test. She smooshes cake all over her heels – and makes Chelsea clean up every last bit with her tongue. Then she fills balloons with cum and pops them all over, and challenges Chelsea to catch as much cum as she can! Finally, Mistress tests out all of Chelsea’s holes – starting with her mouth and ending with her ass! Chelsea submits willingly to all of Mistress Lita’s wishes in this fun bimbofication extravaganza!

Scene from Chelsea Submits

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