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I have always been a hedonist, and what a treat it is to be able to give you a peep into my perverted little world. I love fucking and exploring with my friends, who always indulge me in all of my sexscapades. From femdom, to bondage, queer sex, role play fantasy, BDSM – I love it all.

I began capturing my journey on film in 2019 and it is far from over. Join me and see how far down the rabbit hole goes. As a member, you will get to be a voyeur to my kinky lecherous life. From private blog posts detailing intimate moments and thoughts, to photo sets and videos…there is so much for you to enjoy.

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Welcome to LecherousLita.Com

Join me on all my perverted sexcapades on a platform that’s completely uncensored. From bondage to femdom and hardcore sex my content is an uninhibited exploration of all my dirtiest fantasies.

Gain access to weekly full video updates, photo sets and BTS featuring some of the hottest queer and independent performers! As well as solo content and other fan favorite updates from my vault.

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Full video and photo updates every week with NO expiration! That means when a video goes up – it STAYS up. My video archive will be posted over time…patience is a virtue! I appreciate everyone who subscribes!

If you are a fan, this is the BEST DEAL on my content. It is only $20 a month to subscribe 😉


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