Lita Takes On Logan Long


Logan Long gives Lita the sucking and fucking of her life with his gigantic cock!

Format: MP4
Length: 13:41
Starring: Logan Long, Lita Lecherous


My eyes were definitely bigger than my throat when it came to Logan Long’s huge cock. Your favorite goth gf was so excited to hook up with this cutie, he’s a long time porn crush of mine. Logan is famous for his larger than life appendage – and I was SO HAPPY when I got him all the way down my throat! After some POV cock sucking, Logan lays me down for a good deep dicking, bending my legs all the way back so I can take every inch of him! It isn’t long before it’s my turn to ride, and he shows me the perfect position so that I can swallow him whole before filling me up with a big creampie.


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