Control Freak with Elise Graves



Elise Graves is a control freak, but she finds herself at Lita’s mercy, strapped completely naked to the medical chair.  Utilizing the nipple clamps, she starts to get somewhere with Elise. Turning the dials as the giggly victim squirms, Lita decides to ball gag her before ramping it up. Connecting an electric dildo to the second output of the E-232 electrical unit; Lita sets the nipple clamps to audio as she prepares to fuck Elise with the electrified toy. The objective is simple – if Elise is quiet and calm, her nipples won’t light up! Of course, an electrical current in your pussy is sure to complicate things! Lita finally adds a Hitachi to the mix and it isn’t long before Elise is a screaming, orgasming electrified mess on the table.


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