Elise Graves couldn’t wait to get her hands on Lita. Elise ties her with rainbow rope to the bondage table in a rather compromising position – legs spread, pussy exposed, arms above her head. There is one vibrator inserted in her pussy, along with a Hitachi tied to her clit. Elise plugs the vibrators into a box that controls the frequency of the vibrations. As the box teases Lita, Elise has some fun with her cane, using it on Lita’s juicy thighs and pussy mound. As Lita starts to reach orgasm, the box often turns off. She never knows when the box will push her over the edge – or leave her in total anguishing orgasm denial. Sometimes she is able to cum before losing vibration – and after being too loud, Elise gags Lita. Frustrated and helpless, Lita squirms and hopes to have one more release before Elise’s box switches off in this fun bondage predicament!

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