The brats are excited to play with a new toy, the motorbunny. Jupiter has never used this before, but Lita is very familiar and ready to torment their toys with its endless vibrations. First up is subby Trouble, who has never taken a ride and doesn’t know what she’s in for. Jupiter and Lita take their turns, slowly ramping up the vibration until Courtney finds her stride. Jupiter breaks out the paddle to add a little pleasure to pain, and it isn’t long before Trouble finds her mouth stuffed with panties to muffle her orgasmic screaming. They decide it’s time for Trouble to take a break, and place Ruby onto the machine. She is already gagged and has nipple clamps waiting to be attached to her tits. Again, the two tops take turns moving the speed up and down, and Trouble is made to eagerly watch. After some loud shaking orgasms, they have a great idea…why not make them both ride it at the same time? Both of the subby sluts are placed face to face and pushed to the limit, while Jupiter and Lita cackle and turn up the speed on the motorbunny until their slutty toys are begging for mercy.

Format: MP4
Length: 08:28
Starring: Jupiter Jetson, Courtney Trouble, Ruby Riots, Lita Lecherous

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