Goon, Goon and Goon Some More!

I get so many messages from porn and jerk off addicts, little gooners who spend all day watching porn and edging. They are getting completely schnockered on poppers, drooling all over themselves as they hump their hand completely mesmerized by the filth on their screen.

I love toying with gooners, I love using My porn to further their journey into full time sexless jerk off addicts. I love using fumes to ease their inhibitions and bring them deeper into a gooning trance.

If this is you – keep gooning! Let this be a sign to you that gooning is your eternal sex life now. You can worship Me while you edge, by binge watching My tube sites, buying clips and calling Me.

As you goon on and on for eternity, you will be filling My wallet. With each stroke, sending tribute after tribute and racking up clip sales and views for Me. You can be of some use after all!

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