Do You Like Scary Movies? Ghostface and Buffy Fuck


Buffy Gilmore is in for a scream in this hardcore girl girl porno parody! Happy Halloween ?

Format: MP4
Length: 8:57
Starring: Kaiia Eve, Lita Lecherous


Buffy Gilmore is in for a scream when she is visited by Ghostface wearing a strap on. Her sarcastic demeanor gets her no where except a deep throat and pussy fucking. The masked intruder takes delight in stuffing her sassy mouth with cock until her pussy is dripping wet. It’s time for the real fun, when she takes a ride on this spooky dick, doggy style followed by a hard missionary fuck. She won’t shut the fuck up and meets a fate of a cock stuffed down her throat until she finally does. You won’t want to miss this Halloween girl girl special feature



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