Electroshocked and Waterboarded


Brutal Master ties me up and torments me with electricity before waterboarding me in this extremely humiliating clip!

Format: MP4
Length: 41:00
Starring: Brutal Master, Dart Tech, Greyhound, Lita Lecherous


BrutalMaster has a special treat in store for bratty Lita! She is released from her cage, bound completely helpless to a desk, with her breasts and pussy exposed. Once rendered completely immobile, BrutalMaster asks Lita a series of questions, and compels her to accept what she really is inside…a worthless whore, a piece of cunt meat, a fuckhole. Lita resists – she is not one to break easily. Giggling and squirming, BrutalMaster beats her breasts. Still, she is not fully broken – he electro shocks her feet, and eventually her bruised tits! Once she is screaming, finally she starts to break and accept she is just a worthless cunt to be used and tormented. Tears streaming down her face, Lita asks to be waterboarded. Greyhound and Dart assist in rendering this useless whore completely ruined, soaked, and broken! This clip is extremely humiliating and cruel.

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