Ending 2019 with Gratuity

This year has been a whirlwind, so much has happened, and I am so grateful to many people for accompanying me along the journey. This is my first blog post, so bear with me as I try to find my footing in all that I want to say. I am very much looking forward to 2020; AVN & Xbiz are coming up, and I have some great shoots planned with some of my favorite performers.

I am honored that Chelsea Submits has been nominated for Fetish Release of the Year and Best BDSM Production. A huge thank you to Courtney Trouble and Chelsea Poe for taking a chance on me. “Bimbo Birthday” was my first-time filming something that crawled out of the depths of my Mistress imagination – it’s messy, hot pink, and queer as all hell. Chelsea is a delight to play with, taking all my torment and humiliation with a big smile on her face.

Ready to splosh Chelsea Poe with a cum filled balloon, her face already messy from the cake she’s cleaned off my boots

When I found out that they had featured it in Chelsea Submits, my heart soared. The film also features Sinn Sage, Alani Pi, and Ruby Riots. It’s a total lezdom fuck fest; check it out on Trouble Films.

The entire Trouble Films team will be at the AVN Expo 2020. You can meet Ruby, Courtney and myself at the ManyVids booth on January 24th, from 4pm-8pm.

Another new project from Trouble Films, East Bay Brats, was birthed from a shared desire to film kinkier scenes with one another. When we started shooting at Sacred Muse, we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted the film to be. Combining our love for latex, bondage, queer Femdom, fucking; after reviewing the footage, we thought the title East Bay Brats would be fun. It’s a play on the name of the famous East Bay Rats motorcycle club. We formed a kinky queer fuck club documenting our sadomasochistic sexual romps in the local dungeon.

In the film, I take control as supreme Mistress to indulge in a long night of sexual deviancy, torture, and tease. You can purchase the film through Trouble Films, or my ManyVids store.

I entered 2019 in a bit of a creative slump. After nearly 3 years of focusing on Professional Domination and what I thought other people wanted. I was typecast into the big scary Dominatrix, but that is only a sliver of my perverted identity.

I rediscovered my passion when I started playing with people who shared similar interests I did, as well as switching roles on camera. I really wanted to start giving a more realistic view of my sexual fantasies, a more personal look into my sex life. Hedonist, sadomasochist and disgusting pervert that I am, this is just the beginning of where I want to go.

Brutal Master watches as I stand proudly on Whisper Thorn, just before I use her mouth.

Connecting with Dart Tech and Greyhound was the start of that chapter. After reaching out to Dart, I was invited to spend a week at the BondageLife.com ranch. Sparks really flew; I instantly felt in my element and at home with these two. I was put into bondage beyond my wildest dreams, and given the space to explore the limits of my relationship with pain and pleasure. What I loved most about the lifestyle resurfaced quickly; pushing the boundaries of my fantasies and merging them with reality. I had always imagined myself being used as a toy for others amusement, and used I was.

Struggling against the strict bondage and electrified breast vices, as Dart forces orgasm after orgasm out of my body

I even got to let the beast out on Dart – taking advantage of his masochism was quite the treat.

I’m building my own little perverted family, that’s truly what this feels like. It is important to recognize the bonds formed; the friendships I have made this year. That’s the thing I’m most grateful for, and I’m taking that gratuity and energy into the new decade with me.

Locked up with Greyhound…

To my fans – thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you. What I want has always been to give you the freedom to explore pleasure where others want you to hide in shame. I love turning you on and making you cum. I have always been a lecherous weirdo, awkward and eternally horny. I now have an outlet to share this part of myself with others who truly appreciate it. I see the darkness and perversity lurking within you and welcome it. Let’s make this next decade one for the books.

Xo Lita Lecherous