Goodbye is Not Forever

I’ve been thinking long and hard about a life changing decision for a while now, and it’s time I make it. When I started sex work in 2016, I had no idea the amazing journey that was ahead of me. I have been featured in film festivals, met some of the most amazing people, had some of the best sex and made some killer money. Sex work is a rollercoaster, it’s fun and there are a lot of ups and downs and most of them you don’t see coming. But, it’s time for me to get off the ride.

I have other dreams, some of which I haven’t realized yet. I cannot continue this line of work if I want to make space in my life for other things. This job is the best job I’ve had – so far. I never intended for my hobby to become my work, and when that happens there is an internal shift. You stop enjoying the things you used to love, and your identity sort of becomes unclear. This has been my experience, and there are parts of me I want to reclaim for myself.

I think that everyone comes to the crossroads in this industry, and each persons journey is so unique. That is one of the things I value most about all of you. You allow me to be authentically me, and you support me through it. Co-stars, fans, clients, producers, directors, writers – all of you have shown me love and acceptance beyond my wildest dreams. I have always been a little bit of an outcast, and to be welcomed into a family like this is something most people will never experience in their lives. I am so grateful for you all.

I don’t know exactly what is next for me, but I do know that my heart is no longer in it. And when that happens, it starts to slowly drain you. I am waking up dreading coming to work, it feels so sad and I don’t want that for myself. I left a life that wasn’t serving me before, and I survived and thrived. So while it is scary not knowing what is next – it’s equally thrilling and refreshing.

I will continue to post content, I mean I didn’t build up this insane catalog for nothing! My porn is my art, and I want to preserve that. I made porn because I loved doing it, this was never seen as something that I would do just to make money. When I was lucky enough that you all loved my art and I was getting paid to make it, that felt so powerful. I will continue to share my art with the world, maybe even finally release a film, and participate in the occasional shoot if I truly believe in it.

I am not entirely leaving porn behind, I could never do that. I am, however, unable to continue actively participating being Lita as an entity for consumption. Sessions, cam, phone sex and related one on one contact no longer feels good to me. Some people were made to do sex work, I do not feel like that is me. I have gained a set of unique skills that I will hold close to my heart and take with me out into the other parts of this world.

Sex workers, you are my heroes. You are uniquely yourselves, and don’t take shit in a world that throws it at you in heaps. You showed me how to love parts of me that others told me were ugly and didn’t belong, and I love you for it.

My twitter, VIP website, blog, clip stores and OF page will remain active with postings. And if you miss hearing my voice, I’m now actively streaming on twitch – something that feels FUN for me. I’ll keep doing the occasional custom video as well, and maybe even a shoot here and there. And if you feel so inclined to reach out – please do! I would love that honestly.

I want to personally thank the following people and companies directly for all of the love you have shown me:
Courtney Trouble, Kaiia Eve, Chelsea Poe, Ruby Riots, Sydney Screams, Sinn Sage, Drake ManO’Warr, Elise Graves, Brutal Master, Sydney Screams, Cassie Cummings, Frankie Fettuccine, Laura Savage, the Hot Movies team, Trouble Films and XXX Star PR.

Always & Forever,


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