NEW Uploads to VIP Site + Video Archives

I am pleased to announce I have begun unearthing my video archive and slowly (but surely) uploading it ENTIRELY to my VIP membership site! This will include all of my femdom videos, Bondage Life collaborations from the ranch, Brutal Master, solo videos…and MORE! Everything I have in my files is coming your way – and things you’ve never seen before!

This weeks updates included…

ABDL Tickle Monster POV with Chelsea Poe

This collaboration with the lovely subby girl Chelsea Poe can be found in Poe POV – but this solo scene is near and dear to my heart. A popular exploration in femme 4 femme ABDL play; this pink and frilly video includes age regression, diapering, pacifiers, tickling, hitachi games, onesies, bondage, forced orgasm, teasing, and lot’s of Mommy vibes.

Beaten and Bound in the Ground Box with Brutal Master

From my 2019 video vault comes a FAN FAVORITE and torture meat classic! This sadistic flick features yours truly in a sticky situation – at the hands of the cruel Brutal Master. Watch as he ties me perched over the horse hitch at the Ranch. I’m made to hold it while he canes my ass and thighs mercilessly! Once he’s satisfied, I am made to crawl naked through the dirt and weeds to the ground box. He secures the steel bars over me, drilling it into place. My dirty bare feet are tied outside of the box – perfectly held in place for more caning! I cry and scream for mercy, all the while Brutal Master has his fun humiliating, pissing on me and exposing me for the slut I am all while I take each lash. I absolutely love this experience!

Rough Anal with Cassie Cummings

This fairly recent hook up features trans starlet Cassie Cummings taking a rough anal fuck from me until I’m satisfied in this EXCLUSIVE strap on romp that is quickly becoming a fan favorite!


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